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He can still press, or he can't Give your verdict: Manchester United boss gives his last word.

Manchester United drew with Chelsea last weekend, which was a good sign for them after they had a terrible start to the season. Jadon Sancho, a new player, scored a goal in the 50th minute, but Jorginho equalized soon after. Coach Michael Carrick was very impressed with Ronaldo's work ethic when he came off the bench during the game.

He also talked about the myth that Ronaldo is a player who needs to be quick. There are problems with him being in the team, even though he scores a lot of goals. This causes big tactical problems. Because of this, Carrick didn't play him in the game against Chelsea.

Carrick likes Cristiano Ronaldo a lot.

After the game, the United substitute manager said that he really liked the Portuguese striker's dedication to the game. To make things even better, it made him aware of the player's skills and how they would affect the team from a leadership and influence point of view.

"If you said it (Ronald's lack of pressure) is a myth, then maybe it is. Maybe it's the way things are. There have been a lot of teams Cristiano has played for over the years. He's played in many different ways and kept scoring goals for every team he's been on, even though the teams he's played for changed "Carrick said that, and I agree.

The striker has scored 10 goals in 15 games this season, and he has come through for Manchester United on a number of times. Because of this, his role in the team can't be overestimated, so They need him because he scores goals and comes at the right time and place. In order for Ralf to be excited about getting his hands on a player of this caliber, it would be important to know what his role is on the team. This is why.

It doesn't say where Ronaldo would play.

Ronaldo's inclusion in the team is a concern for many people because the German coach is very hard on him. When the striker scores important goals for the team, he does it all over the place. It will, however, be similar to Jurgen Klopp's style at Liverpool. The interim manager will play with a system that is similar to that.

It would be a good idea for Ralf and United fans to see him play. It's because of how he plays that people in Germany are very excited to see him play. If you are a fan of the Manchester United football team, you can expect fast and intense games from your favorite team.

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